Santa Rosa Junior College FACULTY (ADJUNCT) - EOPS COUNSELING in Santa Rosa, California

PRIORITY FILING DEADLINE: Monday, October 23, 2017 (Open until filled)

*Applications are accepted for adjunct faculty pools for a period of one year from the filing priority deadline date. If the department has an immediate need to add candidates to their pool, they will review applications received by the priority deadline date. All applications received after the priority deadline will remain on file for the next review by the department, or for up to one year. If the department does not have an immediate need to add candidates to their pool, all applications will remain on file until the need arises, or for up to one year. If selected for interview, candidates will be invited to meet with a committee. If selected for the pool, candidates remain in the pool for a period of four years.


Adjunct faculty assignments are part-time, temporary and/or on-call) faculty assignments, on an immediate or as needed basis (as specified in Education Code Section 87482.5).Candidates selected for the pool and offered an assignment must be located near enough to the District or plan on moving near the District to accept part-time, substitute or emergency assignments. Applicants who live at a distance and have the expertise to teach online may also be considered, if online courses are offered in the department of interest. Candidates who are recommended for the pool after committee interviews will only be added to the pool for disciplines interviewed and qualified for (not necessarily all disciplines included in this job posting where multiple disciplines are listed). Assignments could involve full or partial assignment at any of the District's sites or off-campus locations, and could involve any combination of day or evening classes, with office hours being mandatory.


The Student Services Department of Santa Rosa Junior College is accepting applications for a pool of qualified candidates with demonstrated academic, vocational and career counseling and instructional skills to join an outstanding team of faculty and administrators to provide high quality programs and services to our district, our community, and most importantly to our students.**


Counselors provide academic, vocational and career related information that assists each individual in achieving their immediate and long range academic and occupational goals. Counseling is an integral, complementary part of the instructional process that facilitates educational equity and retention. Counselors, including EOPS counselors participate in the educational experience by creating a climate that supports learning as well as self-understanding in order to promote effective decision-making and encourages students to develop personal responsibility in order to achieve their goals and aspirations benefiting themselves, the college and the community.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: EOPS is a program that helps full-time, low income, educationally disadvantaged students (e.g., fi rst generation college students, high school drop-outs, ESL students, or low English or math levels) achieve their academic goals at Santa Rosa Junior College. The program is designed to make the college experience accessible and rewarding to those facing language, social, and economic challenges. EOPS strives to be responsive to the needs of EOPS students and to create an environment that is supportive of cultural diversity throughout the campus.

Examples of Duties:

Adjunct faculty are responsible for maintaining currency in their field(s) of expertise. Adjunct faculty focus primarily on providing instruction and/or student services. They may be required to participate in student learning outcomes assessment. Adjunct faculty are typically not required to participate in District or Department Service such as committee work, evaluations, and hiring committees, but may be asked to perform these services for additional compensation.

Minimum Qualifications:


Required: Master's degree in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work or career development, or the equivalent,

The ability to develop comprehensive long term educational plans, and maintain accurate and detailed case file records within a complex State-funded categorical program.

AND EOPS counselors hired after October 24, 1987, shall:

(1) Have completed a minimum of nine semester units of college course work predominantly relating to ethnic minorities or persons handicapped by language, social or economic disadvantages


(2) Have completed six semester units or the equivalent of a college-level counseling practicum or counseling field-work courses in a community college EOPS program, or in a program dealing predominantly with ethnic minorities or persons handicapped by language, social or economic disadvantages

AND In addition, an EOPS counselor hired after October 24, 1987, shall have two years of occupational experience in work relating to ethnic minorities or persons handicapped by language, social or economic disadvantages.


  • Prior community college counseling and teaching experience.
  • Prior experience and demonstrated commitment to providing service to individuals and groups of diverse educational, cultural, ethnic and language backgrounds.
  • Ability to communicate in at least one language other than English, preferably Spanish.

If you do not possess the minimum qualifications, exactly as listed above, you must file for equivalency. If claiming equivalency, applicants are responsible for documenting all course work, degree programs and related professional experience at the time of application.


Opening Date/Time: Thu. 09/07/17 12:00 AM Pacific Time

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Salary: Depends on Qualifications

Job Type: Adjunct

Location: SRJC Multi-Site, Sonoma County, California

Department: EOPS