PROS, INC. Oilfield Workers in Bakersfield, California

A leading petroleum service company Headquartered in Bakersfield, is looking for experienced oilfield workers. Two + yearsandrsquo; experience working around well heads and are looking for a career, please apply. The compensation package will include a full medical plan and a 401K. Good Driving Record Required. Monitor control panels during pumping operations to ensure that materials are being pumped at the correct pressure, density, rate, and concentration.Monitor equipment gauges or displays to ensure proper operation.Operate engines and pumps to shut off wells according to production schedules, and to switch flow of oil into storage tanks.Control pumps or pumping equipment.Start compressor engines and divert oil from storage tanks into compressor units and auxiliary equipment to recover natural gas from oil.Control pumps or pumping equipment.Open valves to return compressed gas to bottoms of specified wells to repressurize them and force oil to surface.Control pumps or pumping equipment.Supervise oil pumpers and other workers engaged in producing oil from wells.Direct material handling or moving activities. Perform routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment.Maintain vehicles in good working condition.Repair gas and oil meters and gauges.Unload and assemble pipes and pumping equipment, using hand tools.Install parts, assemblies, or attachments in transportation or material handling equipment.Attach pumps and hoses to wellheads.Connect hoses to equipment or machinery.Drive trucks to transport high-pressure pumping equipment, and chemicals, fluids, or gases to be pumped into wells.Operate vehicles or material-moving equipment. Prepare trucks and equipment necessary for the type of pumping service required.Control pumping and blending equipment to acidize, cement, or fracture gas or oil wells and permeable rock formations.Control pumps or pumping equipment. Mix acids, chemicals, or dry cement as required for a specific job.