Apple Product Design Engineer in Santa Clara Valley, California

Product Design Engineer

Job Number: 83732996

Santa Clara Valley, California, United States

Posted: 30-Nov-2017

Weekly Hours: 40.00

Job Summary

Maps is about more than just location and directions, it's about modeling the physical world in software. In this position you'll be ingesting data from a variety of sources and merging it to create a consistent representation. Key challenges include how to scale large systems, how to import data from many vendors with different formats and varying levels of quality, and how to version data throughout its lifecycle.

Key Qualifications

  • 10+ years of experience of relevant industry experience preferred

  • Experience leading cross-functional teams across multiple business / technical areas

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to rapidly learn new technologies and problem spaces

  • Strong ability to envision and design new software and data collection processes

  • Experience conceptualizing and developing advanced business processes for worldwide 24 x 7 business operations

  • Skilled in all phases of software development

  • Strong presentation skills for customers and executives

  • Experience defining, creating and optimizing complex business workflows

  • Attention to detail and quality of output

  • Experience communicating complex concepts to software developers in an efficient and logical wayDescription

The Apple Maps Engineering team is looking for a self-motivated innovative Product Design Engineer. We are constantly optimizing and improving our data platform to deliver the highest-quality experience to our customers. In this role you will be responsible for growing the organization to meet our goals. You will be collecting and translating requirements, building collaboration, and designing workflows. The ideal candidate thrives in an ambiguous and fast-paced environment and is able to work well with both software and hardware groups to solve hard problems and build great features.


Bachelor's or Master's degree or equivalent desired.

Additional Requirements